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St. Thomas

Skilled Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist Role

St. Thomas Hearing Clinic is seeking a skilled Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist to join our team full or part-time. The primary goal at our clinic is to help patients hear the sounds that are most important to them. We look at our patients as family and are seeking a people-focused hearing care practitioner to join us in providing a family level of care.

We are known to work as a team with family physicians and otolaryngologist to be sure our patients receive all the benefits and options available to them.

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • One year of experience (although all candidates are invited to apply)
  • Compassion, patience and empathy
  • Cooperative spirit that builds solid relationships with our clients, staff, community and clinic
  • Knowledge of current technology: hearing aids, accessories, assistive devices
  • Fluency in manufacturers’ programming software
  • Competency in equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and performance checks
  • Strong experience in assessing auditory processing disorders in children and adults
  • Counseling experience related to auditory processing disorders
  • Excellent computer skills and competency with Microsoft Office
  • Thorough understanding of CASLPO guidelines as they apply to all aspects of our profession
  • Flexibility, problem-solving skills and enthusiasm about exploring something new
  • Knowledge about cognition with relation to hearing healthcare


  • Masters of Audiology or equivalent
  • HIS Certification
  • Police background check
  • Eligibility to provide services to clients covered under third party funding (e.g., WSIB, ADP, VAC)

Services we offer to patients include:

  • Testing and evaluation of peripheral and auditory processing disorders
  • Dispensing and servicing hearing devices and accessories
  • Counseling for hearing loss sufferers and their families
  • Providing tinnitus management devices and techniques
  • Hosting educational workshops and other helpful events
  • Basic cognition assessments

Please send your cover letter, resume with references and your contact information to tiffanylandon0@gmail.com

120 Centre Street, St. Thomas, Ontario, N5R 2Z9 | tel: 519-633-1624 | www.stthomashearingclinic.com