About AHIP

The Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario (AHIP) is a professional, non-profit organization that represents H.I.D. (Hearing Instrument Dispensers) and H.I.S. (Hearing Instrument Specialists) in Ontario.

AHIP represents and guides its members in their practice in the best interest of the hard of hearing of Ontario. AHIP responsibly administers entry to practice, standards of practice and consumer complaint management. Hearing Instruments Specialists (H.I.S.) must be practicing members of AHIP in good standing in order to maintain authorizer status with the Ministry of Health, Assistive Devices Program.

Hearing Instrument Specialists (H.I.S.) and Hearing Instrument Dispensers (H.I.D.) are also recognized by other Government agencies including the Ontario Workplace & Insurance Board (WSIB), Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and the Ministry of Children Community and Social Services. AHIP Members also work with insurance companies to facilitate access to and proper administration of private and/or company hearing aid benefit plans.

“The mission of the Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario is to represent and guide its members in the practice of testing hearing and selecting, fitting and dispensing hearing instruments and associated devices in the best interest of the hard of hearing.”

How AHIP Helps Ontarians Access Quality Hearing Care

Through its membership standards, code of ethics, and bylaws, AHIP protects patients, empowers hearing instrument professionals, and supports the ongoing training of Ontario healthcare providers.


AHIP protects Ontario consumers by certifying, educating, and monitoring hearing instrument practitioners in the province.

Hearing Instrument Practitioners

AHIP provides oversight, resources, and an annual symposium to ensure H.I.D. and H.I.S. professionals maintain safe and high-quality practices.


AHIP publishes continuing education seminars and publishes articles to keep Ontario physicians informed on the latest in hearing care.

Bylaws and Policies

AHIP’s bylaws, code of conduct, and other documentation governs and guides Hearing Instrument Practitioners in Ontario. Use the links below to access our guiding documents. Members can access additional resources and information by logging in.


Ontario Hearing Instrument Practitioners enjoy rewarding, dynamic careers where they can help others, solve problems, and continually be challenged. The profession is a delicate balance between the science of technology and the art of listening to what your patient requires. By fusing the two together, you can provide the optimum hearing care for their specific needs and make a difference in their lives.

Hearing Instrument Practitioners find career opportunities in a variety of settings including private practice, home visits, manufacturing and hospitals. AHIP provides a classified ad service to support its members in finding employment once certified.

To become a Hearing Instrument Dispenser (H.I.D.):

  • Obtain a provincial certificate or diploma from an approved institution in the field of audiometric evaluation and hearing instrument provision.

To become a Hearing Instrument Specialist (H.I.S.):

  • Be certified as an H.I.D. and
  • Complete the H.I.S. Internship Program (1,000 hours of monitored practical work within 36 months of graduation)
  • Successfully complete the International Licensing Exam.


AHIP members are certified to practice as Hearing Instrument Dispensers or Hearing Instrument Specialists (depending on their qualifications).

For more information on Membership requirements, please download our Education and Membership Requirements.

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