Motorcycle Helmets May Cause Hearing Loss

A lot of riders chose to wear helmets in order to be safe on the road. But a new study shows that helmets may not be as safe as we think. Helmets may do a good job at protecting our skulls from impact, but at the same time, they...

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The Link between Diabetes and Hearing Loss

By Daniel McDermott, Dawn Konrad-Martin, Donald F. Austin, Susan Griest, Garnett P. McMillan and Stephen A. Fausti

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Cotton Swabs a Threat to Eardrums, But 97% of Cases Heal Naturally

The bad news: A study by Henry Ford Hospital shows a direct association between cotton swab use and ruptured eardrum. The good news: The study also shows that, in most cases, the rupture heals on its own and surgery is only...

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Link Between Hearing Loss and Certain Chronic Diseases

Hearing loss isn't a harmless condition to be ignored. In fact, hearing loss often coexists with other serious health problems. And a growing body of research indicates that there may be a link. Studies show that people with...

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Hearing loss may be an early sign of dementia

Gradual hearing loss is a common symptom of aging, but in some people it may also be an early sign of Alzheimer's disease.

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